If binary code were able to accurately describe the condition of our country, perhaps the US could diagnose it’s current eco-socio-political ailment and hook itself on some sort of miracle drug. Let’s pretend 0 is no, 1 is yes, and 2 is just obtrusive [and disregards the binary aspect altogether], but counts for a maybe.

2. Maybe Obama will heal all our wounds…

o. No. The economy is doing horribly, this Presidency will fail.

1. Yes, bailout! Doesn’t quite seem right, but what choice do we have?

0. No. This was a terrible decision. Barack, save us!

In a perfect western hemisphere, this drug would eliminate unemployment, lower taxes, create jobs, and be available to all Americans regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Take as necessary.

However addicted this country has become, Barack Obama is no miracle drug.

In his State of the Union address Wednesday night, Obama made clear his intent on seeing his health care bill passed.

“I don’t quit.” A claim Obama has certainly upheld in doing all he can to see a plan he says will give every American who wants it, affordable healthcare.

But at what cost?

While the ‘little guy’ continues to climb the ladder of success in hopes of a better tomorrow, unemployment pushes him aside and climbs even higher. As job creation seeks to make a splash in the ocean of a lost cause, foreign policy seems to be increasing the distance between us and our allies. America has seen it’s lawmakers transition from agreeing to disagree, to cutting party lines down the center like a belated birthday cake; fake and out of obligation.

Though captivating and hopeful, President Obama has shown us time and again that great speeches carry only as far as those listening.  And if the President would like an audience, maybe he should tell us less of what HE wants us to hear and show us more of what WE want to see.

The sickness lingers, and President Obama is no miracle cure. Isn’t the miracle in a people willing to do what’s best for their country, and a legislature choosing to do what’s best for the people?