75 Million. That’s a pretty high number.

A number which could refer to the selling price of an enormous mansion in California featured on E! channel’s ‘The Insider’. $75 million. That’ s a lot of money.

It could also reflect the amount of CO2 a South American country did not send out into the atmosphere as a result of switching to a flex fuel used by 94% of the country’s vehicles. 75 million tons of carbon dioxide. That’s a lot of gas. (read more)

The 75 million I’m talking about happens to be more ridiculous than an unbelievably expensive house, but much less impressive than Brazil’s environmental efforts.

Some of you who read this are most likely part of this 75 million. Some because of supposed boredom and indifference, and some because of the odd addiction only this type of internet activity can provide. Nevertheless, 75 million have worshipped at the Mecca of social networking mini-games…Farmville.

According to statistics released by Zynga.com, there has been 118 million downloads of the cyber-farming phenomenon. Zynga, the company responsible for Farmville’s success, is proud of it’s breakthrough with the unorthodox gamer. In an article by CNN’s Doug Gross, the founder of Zynga explains his motivation behind creating the insta-gaming giant.

Mark Pincus managed to create a gaming experience that bridges the generational gap between  ‘traditional’ gamers and other factions of online users not typically accounted for. By doing this, Pincus happened upon a cluster of internet gamers often ignored in the video game industry. To find out who it is, feel free to read the article  here

Back to my rant.

75 million.

Americans really shouldn’t be surprised as we’ve seen our lives change from fast to faster paces with each new invention in the technology world. Fast food is no longer the default defendant in the trial for quick and painless satiation.

i.e. – Online video games which can be started and stopped with one simple, all-mighty click. Don’t have the latest Java client? Click. Invite your friends to play. Click. Talk to them while you are playing with them. typing noises here. Instantly. But look at the clock….Not so instant was it?

Whatever happened to kickball at the park? Basketball at the open-gym? Just riding around town on bicycles with at least one flat tire.

Well, adult. You grew up didn’t you?  But maybe we’re all kids at heart, looking for a game to play with our friends. The term friends is loosely applied and can be substituted for actual friendship, an online acquaintance, co-worker, or just some random guy that joined your World Of Warcraft guild.

75 million tells me a lot of things. Most of all, that even adults tend to have more than enough time on their hands.