An unprecedented announcement by Twitter sheds light on site’s popularity.

According to CNN, it’s the first time Twitter has officially released an accurate number of accounts. That number turned out to be over 100 million. That’s

Courtesy Wiki-Commons

just one-fourth the population of Facebook[which has now outgrown the population of the United States], but still respectable.

Comments were mostly sarcastic, one stating, “Maybe I will sign up[for a twitter account] once I am through watching paint dry.” Although I don’t

agree with this comment, it’s certainly an opinion shared by many.

According to the numbers, Facebook users aren’t checking their twitter

accounts simultaneously. An obvious statement as there are far less ‘tweeters’ than facebookers. 100 million is still probably enough to write home about, however. The announcement comes on a day when twitter unleashes their new advertising platform as well.

Over a month ago, MediaPost ran a story explaining Twitter’s plan for a working ad platform. As the article explains, the platform is intended to be as unobtrusive as possible, providing relevant, helpful advertising to users.

This, of course, is the purpose of all advertising and there are sure to be some speedbumps as Twitter tries to use branding and ads to connect with it’s enormous audience.

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