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As of March 15th, the fourth most visited website in the US was Youtube. Given the popularity of videos online and the fact that it is mainly user generated content, it seems like a logical pitstop for many internet users. Later on this year the site will celebrate its fifth anniversary making it the most – – – well there are just too many superlatives to put here so we’ll simply call it five years old.

It took just half a decade for all nearly apt internet users to become aware of the video upload giant. But just how popular is Youtube? Is there actually a group in the online community content to avoid it?

According to Alexa Internet ratings, Youtube is (to no surprise for any parent with a teenager) over-represented among the 18-24 demographic of the general internet population. I shudder to think of time spent differently among this age group…Studying? Working? Cleaning the pizza/beer/weird stain off the dorm room carpet? We understand the recreation side of videos for teens and undergrads, but what of their parents, or even their grandparents?

Between the ages of 25 and 54, traffic to the

Euchre Champ or Youtube Fanatic?

site is average, telling us they don’t lean to either extreme. However, once you hit the 55-64 demo., things

get interesting. This group (all prepped and groomed for retirement) visits Youtube much less than every other age range. More intriguing is the turnaround once you get into the numbers for 65+.

Audience ratings from Alexa tell us the 65 and older crowd is commonly over-represented at Youtube. This could mean a lot of things, but I’ll limit us to the most plausible.

1. The small number of grandparents exploring cyberspace have quite a fondness for online media.

2. The older generation uses it to keep in touch with extended family.

3. There are a lot of grandchildren with unlimited access to their grandparents internet.

Number 1 is by far the most likely simply because of the really helpful things on Youtube many people don’t ever think to use. If you have a chance or are in a bind, try a few of these links and see how Youtube can start being a resource as well as entertainment. And not just for the kids anymore!

Youtube How-to And Style





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As the Spring semester winds down for college students, entry positions for 2010 graduates will start being filled by the most capable applicants. Major corporations, business chains, and thousands of smaller firms will begin seeking new and cost-effective replacements or additions to their current employee base.

So where will the class of 2010 begin their careers? Well, the Northeast region will be in good hands according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. They report that 17.6% of companies will be increasing the number of graduates hired this year. But apart from the government and financial sectors, where most of these Northeast jobs will be located, who goes where?

Many will find jobs completely unrelated to the degree they have poured their blood, sweat, and excess Ramen noodle broth into these last four years. Others will most likely be hired by companies they never thought about working for, but on the basis of their schooling, met the requirements for the position.

However, for the Charlie’s out there who find themselves working in the chocolate factory they always dreamed about, a really sweet lesson is to be learned. So while you’re emailing your ‘favorite’ professor the written assignment for the final at 11:59 PM the night before commencement, do your sleep-deprived self a favor; Find your chocolate factory, and show Mr. Wonka any job an orange-toned, green-haired clone can do, so can you! And here’s how.

Listed below are several key points to impressing the Willy Wonka out of ‘the suits’ with your entry-level resumé.

1. Include a cover letter (and be specific, please.)

According to former professional resumé writer, Heather Eagar, employers expect you to be up front about the position you are looking to fill.

“Include the job you’re applying for towards the beginning of the cover letter. You could even make it a header to your letter. Make it apparent so the hiring manager doesn’t have to spend time looking for it.” Says Eagar.

Other cover letter must’s include contact information and unique skills which may qualify you for the job above another cover letter connoisseur.

2. Be Professional

Spell check should no longer be an option, college graduate. All words within each sentence, phrase, and talking point must be spelled correctly and stated with solid grammar. As unsure as you may be about your interview skills, your paperwork should stand alone and at least create enough buzz to get you an interview with the man.

The last point discusses the design of your resumé. Coming from a Communications School soaked to it’s Photoshopping core with creativity, I know this will be a hard pill to swallow. So take a deep breath (while simultaneously ashing your 4th cigarette of this blog), switch iPod to shuffle (I know it’s a long shot but maybe there’s  a song nowadays with comprehensible lyrics), and read 32 times to be sure you remember:

3. Stick with the default setting

After you exhale, switch back to some type of scream-oh-why is this a genre, and finish reading 32 glorious times, you may be interested in the expert’s opinion.

“Another design error that many make when creating their resumes is adding decorations. This is definitely a risky move to take because while one employer might absolutely love your cute form of expression another might feel sick to his stomach. So instead of using flower borders in your design, think about making your name a little larger (and using a different typeface) than the rest of the content to add a little character to your resumé.” Says resumé aficionado, Heather Eagar.

Eagar, now operating her own job seeker help  website, sums up the necessity of  a good-looking resumé with one final sentiment.

“However simple these (tips) may seem, they are vital to getting interviews. If you overlook the obvious, then the employers will obviously overlook you.”

Charlie, let’s recap.

Before you get yourself scooped by someone with half the experience and as much promise as Hugh Hefner’s 9th engagement ring, take heed. Build yourself an impressive resumé and perhaps the chocolate factories will come looking for you.

For more advice on resumé writing, Eagar’s tips can be read at

So you think you’re ready to blog, huh?


Blogger for Life

Although a quick and painless way to get your unscripted, unfiltered, and often unintelligible words to the masses, blogging has become much more than a world-wide forward. The modern blogger has more and more resources, less restrictions, and greater influence than ever before.

News organizations across all media types often encourage their employees to maintain an up-to-date blog.Unlike other social networks [Facebook,Twitter], blogging sites like blogspot, livejournal, wordpress, etc.  have frequently been used as a legitimate news source. Some, rightfully so, take issue with trusting any such cyber-couch potato to deliver breaking news on a real news story.

Whether you intend to use your blog for the occasional teenage rant, an attempt at literary greatness [which is unlikely given your outlet of choice], or just to take advantage of the omnipotent FWD so all your friends can check out your latest youtube flick; be prepared.

As with most topics on the web, searching for help with your blog will give you a result for every person on the planet. But unless you have as much time as the folks at TMZ, you probably won’t get past the first page of results. Luckily, I’ve done the groundwork for you.

Not all-inclusive by any means, the links below will take you to trusted sites designed to put the awesome back into your blog. The rest is up to you. As the rest happens to be the most important part, I suggest you also consider taking a writing course or read a good book.

Even those who write against fame wish for the fame of having written well… – Blaise Pascal

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There’s a few to get you started. As the online entrepreneur that you are, I’d encourage you to get out there and search for other tips and tricks along the way.

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